My lab has a machine with a GPU running CentOS 7, and I wanted to use it to train a DQN to play some very easy scenarios form the videogame Doom.

VizDoom is a very nice project from the Poznan University of Technology, based on the ZDoom engine, which allows users to develop bots that play the game only based on visual information.

Unfortunately the dependencies for VizDoom are listed only for Ubuntu, and therefore I had to go through some manual translation to find out the list of packages to install on CentOS. So I’ll just post the list here hoping to save this info for the posterity (a.k.a. me in a couple of months).

 - Ubuntu               == CentOS 7
 - build-essential      == gcc gcc-c++ make
 - zlib1g-dev           == zlib-devel
 - libsdl2-dev          == SDL2-devel
 - libjpeg-dev          == libjpeg-turbo-devel
 - nasm                 == nasm
 - tar                  == tar
 - libbz2-dev           == bzip2-devel
 - libgtk2.0-dev        == gtk2-devel
 - cmake                == cmake
 - git                  == git
 - libfluidsynth-dev    == fluidsynth-devel
 - libgme-dev           == game-music-emu-devel
 - libopenal-dev        == openal-soft-devel
 - timidity             == libtimidity
 - libwildmidi          == wildmidi-devel
 - unzip                == unzip